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エレン巨人とほのぼの | 輝吉

“I could almost bite you.”

oh sebastian.

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Let’s return to our home

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“I’m sorry…Eren”

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how to draw e from a stick figure


step one draw a stick figureimage

step two draw that weird horn thingimage

step three draw hair and shitimage

step four what the hell lets erase the stick figure body thing


step five draw pointy chins and do stuff to the hair image

step six you draw a face


step seven you edit that horn thing and add the top part of e’s clothes or some shit


step eight you know what i give upimage

omdetou you can now draw e

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Thought it was high time we had one of these. I got lazy at the end though.. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ 

Well, here you are!

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Photos by Seiko (posting with permission), who was lucky enough to see the first showing of KuroMyu2 re-run last night. A glimpse of the pamphlet and some other goods. :)

She will write up a detailed report of the re-run when she gets home, which I will selectively translate and post here at a later stage.

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New favorite anime.